Residency i Berlin

Som en del av projektet SamArtBete, I samartbete med Institut Für Alles Mögliche och med stöd av Postkodstiftelsen, arrangerar vi två residencyvistelser i Berlin under våren 2020 för en konstnär verksam i Norrbotten och en konstnär verksam i Västerbotten.

Lena Stenberg (Norrbotten)
I have been working for a long time with materials and photographs that I’ve collected. And now I have made sketches for a series of images to express the colonization of the Nordic countries and Kola Peninsula in Russia. I call the project Color of colonialism. I have collected photos, from archives and searched in archived texts about the borders in Sápmi. I have also worked with my personal photos, that is the most important link in my artistic work.

I will work more with that project in Berlin. I want to make a series of graphic images to make colonization in Sapmi visible. I shall make simple, powerful graphical images of flags and after that I will enlarge these flags into full scales in textil. With this project, I want to point out the situation of the Sami and the colonization agenda we have in Scandinavia, which for centuries weakened the Sami culture and also the economy and exposed the Sami people to both structural and tangible abuse. I want to make images that easily describe this process. I also want to make an art book or presentation like a folder with a description of the project. The flags should also be able to be shown outdoors in places where it is not so common with art.

I have previously worked on the project Nomad My work begins by examining how the Nordic nations further closed the borders after the First World War. I have tried to follow my family through old photos and documents. How their roots with land areas in the national states of Finland and Norway, and how the land was taken from them when the borders were closed. And they were forced to choose one country. And they selected Sweden. And the Sweden state forced them to move from the Karesuando area to Arjeplog. Because the Swedish state thought it became too much Samis in the Karesuando area.

Sandra Wasara-Hammare (Västerbotten)
Reasons – Vahku Buoremus
Davvi sámigiella, interests me right now, the language of the (north) sámipeople. Ilost my language because of reasons, but, I would like to explore the stigmas around learning, trying, that language. Are they inside of me, rather than from outside? What do they contain of? How can one break through the barrier that so many talked about? There are some burning letters, to use Eduardó Luis words, who wants to transform, take form. Social authority in relation to my sámi identity, do people, I, carry it within? Why and in relation to who and why? By talking to myself, recording my way to dare to get closer to a language, all by myself, I want to explore if a language can be found in solitude. The radio “Vahku Buoremus” (sámi radioprogram) will be my guiding star to gather words, and an app dictionary. I also would like to gather knowledge, through some authors I got from the artist Sandra Monterosso, an artist from Guatemala. She made me see that the word colonialization inhabits something that do exist. To do an videoinstallation, and an artist talk is my aim for this project.

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