About galleri syster

Galleri Syster
is an artist run gallery in Luleå, Sweden. We are a meeting point for contemporary art and a room for talks and discussions. We are based in a feminist view of the world and we want to make a difference through investigating, challenging and deconstructing. We have an exhibition space in Luleå, but we also work in different cooperations and on other scenes.

Anja Örn
Sara Edström
Therese Engström

Britt-Louise Landfors, Jeanette Sundqvist, Elin Sundström and Christina Sikström

Supported by
Swedish Arts Council
The City of Luleå
Norrbotten County Council
Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission

For exhibiting artists:
Galleri Syster complies to the MU-agreement, which means that our artists receive an exhibition fee, we also pay for shipping, travel and lecture fees according to individual agreements.
Galleri Syster can offer our visiting artists accommodation and working space for shorter or longer periods. We have a residency apartment and in the same building there is the Artists Collective Workshop with spaces for carpentry, metalwork, etching, ceramics and more. There is also a monumental workshop for really big projects.
Contact us and we’ll tell you more.

Lokalskiss Syster

Little Sister is
– a gallery where young people exhibit art by young people
– a mentorship program where young people are coached by professional artists
– a selection of workshops and art classes
Lillasyster is run by a group of young artists under the protective wings of Galleri Syster

Opening hours during exhibition periods:
Mon 12.00 – 15.00
Wednesday 18.00 – 20.00
Saturday 12.00 – 15.00

Join us on facebook to get all the latest information about what we are up to: Galleri Syster’s facebookpage

Sandviksgatan 18A
972 36 Luleå

phone: Anja Örn: 073 0611588
Sara Edström: 072 242 40 12
Therese Engström: 070-3714055

Previous exhibitions:
22/8-5/9 TVÅ- by Erik Thörnqvist and Brita Weglin
30/5 – 13/6 ”Put Yourself In My Place” by Milijana Babic and Ida Hansson
2-16/5– ”Den gnomiska pölen” by Mercedes Müleisen
11-21/4 ”Levande Ljus” by Takako Takeuchi.

November 8 – January 11: Gender Heart at Havremagasinet in Boden
March 15: Force Feedback. Curated by Thomas Hämén. WithnLinus Nordensson Spångberg, Aron Rantatalo, Pella Kågerman, Maja Cule, Gustav Samrelius
March 28 – April 19 Susann Brännström and Sonja Gerdes

December 6 – Januari 10: Catti Brandelius http://www.cattibrandelius.se/
November 29 – December 3: 8 Bitars Barndom. Fabian Linna (20 years) and Anton Paulsson Nöjd (19 years) from the Little Sister group are exhibiting
September 20 – Oktober 11 : Nina Bondesson
May 3 – 24: Astrid Göransson http://www.astridgoransson.se/
March 15 – 26 2013 : Lisa Vipola http://lisavipola.se/
2006 – 2012
Ulrika Nuottaniemi
Marta Bencivenni
Magdalena Dziurlikowska
Birgitta Linhart
Klas Hällerstrand
Ylva Landoff Lindberg och Radoslaw Stypczynski
Emma-Lina Ericson
Tina Finnäs
Magnus Alexandersson
Marjolaine Lombard
Jan-Anders Eriksson
Monica Melin
Malin Abrahamsson
Linda Karlsson
Leif Holmstrand
Galleri Verkligheten: Moa Krestesen, Helena Wikström, Ludwig Franzén, Gerd Aurell, Mattias Olofsson, Ida Hansson och Camilla Påhlsson.
Nina Svensson
Lisa Jeannin och Rolf Schuurmans
Gemma Pauwels
Klara Kristalova
Galleri Systers val: Veronica Brovall, Loulou Cherinet, Hertha Hanson, Anastasia Ax, Valeria Monthi Colque, Roxy Farhat, Johanna Karlsson, Lars Hedelin, Victoria Andersson, Linda Tedsdotter
Anna Wessman och Nilsmagnus Sköld
Helen Bergenstråle, Christoffer Jansson and Petronella Edlund
Sofia Breimo
Tilda Lovell
The Twin Factory: Linda Remahl, Rachel Champion and Yessiqa Lövbrand.
Magnus Thierfelder
Hanna Kanto

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